Week 6: WWII & Epistolary Fiction

We’ll start off with Annalise sharing some tips and strategies for developing a thesis. We’ll wrap up our exploration of WWII with a reading of Address Unknown, by Katherine Kressman Taylor. We will continue epistolary fiction after the presentations with 3 short stories by Emma Donoghue’s short story collection Astray.

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Thursday, October 5

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  • We will read and listen to Address Unknown in class.
  • Sign up for one short story from Emma Donoghue’s Astray.
    • ‘Counting the Days’ is based on the 1840s correspondence of two emigrants from Northern Ireland to Canada.
    • ‘Onward’ is suggested by several letters from Charles Dickens about a family he helped to emigrate to Canada.
    • ‘The Gift’ is inspired by letters to a New York adoption agency from the birth mother and adoptive father of a little girl.
  • Introduce Creative Writing Assignment
  • Due next week WWII writing project and presentation

Weekly Writing

  1. This weekly writing should focus on any reading/activity/exercise/etc that you found particularly interesting this week.
  2. Weekly Writings will be due by Monday of each week.
  3. Submit your post URL in Canvas.

Commenting / Online Discussions

  • Commenting / Online Discussions
    • Each week we will be commenting/discussing each other’s posts.
    • You will need to comment on 3 other students’ posts, based on the list below. This week you will comment on students who are 8, 10, and 12 below you.
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