Week 10: Forgeries and Pen Pals

It’s movie week as we enjoy epistolary stories based on actual people.

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Monday, October 30

  • Weekly writing for Week 9 (Famous Letters/Letters of Note) due by midnight.
  • Submit your post URL in Canvas.

Tuesday, October 31

Before Class

  • Film viewing (and/or skim reading) of Can You Ever Forgive Me?
  • Both video and book are available on reserve in the library.

In Class

Thursday, November 2

Before Class

  • Film viewing (and/or skim reading) of 84 Charing Cross Road
  • Both video and book are available on reserve in the library

In Class

  • Discussion of 84 Charing Cross Road
  • Your creative writing epistolary short story is due by midnight tonight
  • Weekly writing: read this week’s prompt

Weekly Writing

  1. For this week’s weekly writing, start thinking about your final long-read project. Do a free-write or brainstorming session on what topic of interest you want to explore more. If you experiencing some “writer’s block,” below are some prompts that you can consider.
    • What do you want to learn more about with letter writing?
    • What questions do you have about things we’ve covered or things we haven’t covered?
    • Have your views or perspectives changed about letters?
  2. This week, include a tag of ‘long-read’.
  3. This week’s post must be submitted by the end of class.
  4. Submit your post URL in Canvas.

Commenting / Online Discussions

  • Commenting / Online Discussions
    • This week, we will help each other with our long read brainstorming, so we are doing this list a little differently. We will comment on other’s freewrites from above.
    • You will receive comments from 3 other students, which I will send out notifications after the weekly writings are all posted.
      • You will need to comment on 3 other students’ posts, based on the list below. This week you will comment on students who are 3, 4, and 5 below you.
        • Molly (Lucinda, Marc, Riley)
        • Ezra (Marc, Riley, Adina)
        • Ella (Riley, Adina, Imala)
        • Lucinda (Adina, Imala, Sophia)
        • Marc (Imala, Sophia, Gabrielle)
        • Riley (Sophia, Gabrielle, Kathy)
        • Adina (Gabrielle, Kathy, Michaelah)
        • Imala (Kathy, Michaelah, Rebecca)
        • Sophia (Michaelah, Rebecca, Melina)
        • Gabrielle (Johnny, Molly, Ezra)
        • Kathy (Molly, Ezra, Ella)
        • Michaelah (Ezra, Ella, Lucinda)
        • Rebecca (Ella, Lucinda, Marc)
        • Melina (Lucinda, Marc, Riley)
        • Johnny (Marc, Riley, Adina)
    • Be sure to use our FYS183 group in Hypothes.is
    • You should comment before class next Tuesday.
    • Once you’ve commented on your three students, post their names in Canvas so I know it’s complete.