Week 11: Cover Letters

We’ll be looking at writing cover letters for internship and job opportunities. You will also start working more concretely on your final project by learning about thesis development and library research.

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Monday, November 6

  • Weekly writing for Week 10 was done in class, but you should have read your fellow classmates’ posts for commenting.

Tuesday, November 7

Before Class

  • Commenting on the 3 long-read brainstorming posts sent last week.
  • Continue to think about and explore your final long-read project.

In Class

Thursday, November 9

Before Class

In Class

Weekly Writing

  1. This weekly writing should focus on any reading/activity/exercise/etc that you found particularly interesting this week.
  2. Weekly Writings will be due by Monday of each week.
  3. Submit your post URL in Canvas.

Commenting / Online Discussions

  • Commenting / Online Discussions
    • We will continue on commenting/discussing each other’s posts.
    • You will need to comment on 3 other students’ posts, based on the list below. This week you will comment on students who are 6, 7, 8 below you.
      • Molly
      • Ezra
      • Ella
      • Lucinda
      • Marc
      • Riley
      • Adina
      • Imala
      • Sophia
      • Gabrielle
      • Kathy
      • Michaelah
      • Rebecca
      • Melina
      • Johnny
    • Be sure to use our FYS183 group in Hypothes.is
    • You should comment before class next Tuesday.
    • Once you’ve commented on your three students, post their names in Canvas.