Letter #1: Letter to Your Future Self

Your first letter will be a letter to your future self. Write a letter to yourself, where you are writing to the person you hope to be in 4 years when you graduate from Muhlenberg College. Things to consider or include in your letter:

  1. Tell us about who you are. These are your roots. This is how you see yourself right now. For example, you might talk about your background (where were you born, how many siblings, ethnicity, family, hobbies, etc.)
  2. Is there something you never want to forget about? Are there memories you hold dear that you hope to hold for a very long time? 
  3. Where do you want to go? What are your hopes and dreams?
  4. Why is it important that you attend college? What do you perceive as the value of your getting a college education?
  5. What are your thoughts and feelings about entering college (are you nervous, anxious, excited, etc.?)
  6. What do you hope an education at Muhlenberg will do for you? What advice do you have for yourself? (Do you have habits you already know that you need to break or things you need to improve upon?)
  7. How or why will you choose your major? Do you think you will keep it? Describe your career goal(s) and how or why you will be successful after Muhlenberg?
  8. How do you hope to grow as a writer?
  9. Give your future you a pep talk! 

You do not need to include all of these prompts, they are merely to help generate ideas for your letter.

There is no specific length requirement, but your letter should cover at least one full side of a page. You can include as many pages as you would like, and that you would hope to read in 4 years’ time. 

Write the letter by hand on paper and put it in the supplied envelope. Do not seal the envelope, but do write your name on the front, as if you addressing it to yourself. Do not add an address–I will add that when I mail them. These will then be mailed to you around the time you will be graduating from Muhlenberg. 

Due Date

You must turn in your letter no later than in class on Tuesday, September 12.