Cover Letter

After researching potential careers and industries, as well as reviewing some ideas for effective cover letter writing, this assignment will allow you to write a cover letter for a particular job.

You will need to research a particular job you wish to apply for. You can utilize a variety of resources to find that job:

  • Look at job opportunities at particular companies
  • Handshake
  • LinkedIn
  • Online job sources, such as Indeed or industry-specific sites.  
  • Possible internships

There are two parts to this assignment:

  • Include a brief introductory document for your assignment that discusses what you learned about your career or industry. Also, include a pdf, link, or copy the text into a separate document for the particular job you are applying for.
  • Prepare a cover letter specific to that job. You will not be required to create a resume for this assignment, but you should at least think about what you should include in that resume. Your cover letter must be for a particular job and must follow the following formal guidelines:
    • Google Doc
    • 1” margins
    • single space, with blank lines between paragraphs
    • appropriate font
    • no longer than one page
    • proper business letter formatting

Submit the link for your cover letter as well as the introductory document with the job description by the start of class on November 16. 

Grading will be based primarily on content and relevance to the job description, but also on professionalism and mechanics.