Dear Miss Breed book cover.

Week 3: WWII Japanese Internment

We’re continuing our journey with WWII and this week we are learning more about the Japanese internment that happened in the United States. We will primarily be focusing on the letters that were shared with Miss Breed, a librarian.

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Monday, September 11

  • Weekly writing for Week 2 (WWII Communications & Special Collections Letters) due by midnight.
  • Submit your post URL in Canvas.

Tuesday, September 12

Before Class

Read over the introduction to Dear Miss Breed. Use to annotate & highlight. This is a PDF, so please review using with a PDF before reading the introduction.

In Class

Thursday, September 15

Before Class

  • Read and review your letter from the letter sign-up.
  • Be prepared to share some highlights/observations from your letter.

In Class

Weekly Writing

  1. This weekly writing should focus on any reading/activity/exercise/etc that you found particularly interesting this week.
  2. Weekly Writings will be due by Monday of each week.
  3. Submit your post URL in Canvas.