Week 14: Presentations

Your second presentation will be given this week.

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Monday, November 27

Tuesday, November 28

Before Class

Practice your presentation.

In Class

Thursday, November 30

In Class

Weekly Writing

  1. This weekly writing should focus on any reading/activity/exercise/etc that you found particularly interesting this week.
  2. Weekly Writings will be due by Monday of each week.
  3. Submit your post URL in Canvas.

Commenting / Online Discussions

  • Commenting / Online Discussions
    • We will continue on commenting/discussing each other’s posts.
    • You will need to comment on 3 other students’ posts, based on the list below. This week you will comment on students who are 12, 13, and 14 below you.
      • Molly
      • Ezra
      • Ella
      • Lucinda
      • Marc
      • Riley
      • Adina
      • Imala
      • Sophia
      • Gabrielle
      • Kathy
      • Michaelah
      • Rebecca
      • Melina
      • Johnny
    • Be sure to use our FYS183 group in Hypothes.is
    • You should comment before class next Tuesday.
    • Once you’ve commented on your three students, post their names in Canvas.