Week 13: In Gratitude

In gratitude for heading into our Thanksgiving Break and nearing the end of the semester, this week is for you.

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Monday, November 20

  • Weekly writing for Week 12 (open letters/other media) due by midnight.
  • Submit your post URL in Canvas.

Tuesday, November 21

On your own! We will not meet as a class.

  • While we will not meet as a class, use this time to work on your final project and presentation.
    • Presentations will be next week after Thanksgiving
    • Your final long read project is due December 8
  • Don’t forget your weekly writing and comments (see below)
  • Letter #3 for someone you want to give some gratitude is due Tuesday after Thanksgiving break.

Thursday, November 23

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Enjoy your break.

Weekly Writing

  1. This weekly writing can focus on gratitude or any reading/activity/exercise/etc that you found particularly interesting this week.
  2. Weekly Writings will be due by Monday of each week.
  3. Submit your post URL in Canvas.

Commenting / Online Discussions

  • Commenting / Online Discussions
    • This week, we’re doing something a little different.
    • Use this page and the lists below to share some gratitude:
      • Annalise and having a writing assistant with our class
      • Something you really enjoyed about our class readings/discussions/activities
      • Analytical Tools
      • Weekly Writings
      • Commenting by other classmates
      • Your growth as a writer
      • Topic or author covered in class
      • Other things you might be grateful for
    • Be sure to use our FYS183 group in Hypothes.is
    • You should comment before our scheduled class time next Tuesday.
    • Once you’ve commented on your three students, post their names in Canvas.