Process Letter

Twice during our course, you will write a process letter. The first letter will be for midterm grades and the second letter will be for the end of the course. This is a self-evaluation tool to check in and have autonomy over your own learning and education.

You will write a letter articulating what you have learned about your writing process and how the learning process was for you. You can reflect on our learning goals as well as your own writing process. Below are some prompts that may be helpful in your self-assessment. Again, you do not need to “answer” each of these prompts, these are meant to help you with thinking about your learning and your writing process overall.

  • Reflect on your own strengths and how they make your writing stronger.
  • What have you learned about how you learn and write? How have you grown?
  • What do you know now that you did not know before our class activities, readings, and writings?
  • How do you see our learning goals in your writing and other class activities?
  • What did you find challenging? What was interesting or fun?
  • Did you learn anything unexpected?
  • What has been useful so far? What didn’t seem useful?
  • What did you learn about how you learn?

Midterm Process Letter

For the first letter, the last part of your letter should include what you think your grade should be halfway through the semester based on your own blog portfolio of writing, class participation, and work completed. Include also what grade you would like to have at the end of the course and how you think you can best achieve that grade.

You can decide how you will share this letter: either posted on your blog or in a Google doc shared with me.

Due or Best By Date: Thursday, October 19

End of Semester Process Letter

Due or Best By Date: Thursday, December 7