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Throughout the semester, we will be providing peer feedback, comments, and discussion on each others’ posts using We use to keep it contained within our group.

Leave thoughtful feedback, questions, thoughts, and/or insights about the contents of the posts of your fellow students, using group FYS183. You can ask for clarifications, point out similarities and differences with the material you covered, or with your interpretation. This should encourage you to nose around in the other materials you did not read in the first round.

Engage with each other and the content. Go beyond “Yeah, I agree,” “I like” or “I think the same”, and instead explain why you have that reaction, or if you disagree, you can try to persuade the original poster of your idea or interpretation.

Remember that allows for hyperlinks, e.g. to materials that support your argument, or you can include images (even memes!), videos, etc. that help the original poster to learn more.

TIP: It’s all random, and it’s all good, so if you return to this page after commenting, you will see three different posts. As long as your comments are on three different posts in total, you’re fine! OR you can right-click and ask your browser to open the link in a new tab/window.


  • Refer to the list in the designated week’s assignment to get the three names you will be working with.
  • Go to our Class Posts to link to each students’ post area.
  • Read their post and then annotate and comment using
  • Be sure to use our group FYS183 in
  • List the 3 fellow students you posted on in Canvas to indicate you’ve completed this assignment for the week.

Due before class on the Tuesday after this is assigned.